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How to choose a measuring instrument

Release time:2021-05-28 20:57:49  Views: 970

From cost considerations, the price of the measuring instrument is greatly affected. The procedure depends on the stroke of the workbench. The larger the stroke, the more expensive the price is relatively. On the other hand, the greater the stroke of the image measuring instrument workbench, the more difficult it is to maintain its accuracy. . This is also one of the reasons why the price increases exponentially with the larger the itinerary. After years of research and development, Dongguan Zhaofeng Precision successfully broke through the technical bottleneck of this image measuring instrument, and successfully developed a VIP series of large-travel, high-precision, and low-cost image measuring instruments to provide enterprises with more complete image measurement solutions and reduce corporate costs. From the perspective of measurement accuracy, if two image measuring instruments from different manufacturers are used for multiple measurements under the same conditions with the same price and the same stroke, the smaller the measurement error, the higher the accuracy and stability of the measurement instrument. If you have high requirements for measurement accuracy, choose a more stable and higher-precision image measuring instrument.


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