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Mega two-dimensional image measuring instrument leads the industry high-tech

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Mega two-dimensional image measuring instrument introduces zero industry high-tech

Dongguan Zhaofeng Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the development and production of two-dimensional image measuring instruments for nearly two decades. The company's optical image instruments have continuously developed and introduced foreign advanced technological research and application software. On the two-dimensional image measuring instruments There have been great technological improvements and breakthroughs. Decades of experience have allowed the Zhaofeng brand to spread like wildfire in the optical measuring instrument industry. It has a market share of more than 60% in the domestic measuring instrument market. It can be described as a real & rdquo; Leading company in the industry”.

  More than ten years ago, Zhaofeng started with the assembly of a simple two-dimensional image measuring instrument. In a small town in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the company founder led a group of aspiring young people and entrepreneurial partners who graduated from various universities. With the entrepreneurial dream of not being afraid of difficulties and hardships, we have deeply rooted here. Constantly innovating new products and researching and developing new technologies. We will sell a set of qualified and reliable two-dimensional image measuring instruments. To all parts of the country.

  After decades of development, today's Zhaofeng pays more attention to scientific research and technology. While introducing advanced foreign technology, it also constantly attracts high-tech technicians from Chinese people, and has won praise and praise from customers with its solid technology and excellent quality. Although in the fierce competition wave of the market economy, Ke Zhaofeng people are not afraid, continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial passion, and continue to bring the latest optical instruments to every customer.


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