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Accurate measurement method of two-dimensional image instrument

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Accurate measurement method of two-dimensional image instrument

  If you want to grasp the precise measurement method of the two-dimensional imager, it is inseparable from the timely resolution of the problems encountered in the course of its use.

  Let’s introduce several troubleshooting methods below.

1. The Z axis cannot be adjusted

    It may be that the fixing screw is locked, just loosen the fixing screw on the column.

     Or the motor drive is broken, then you have to contact the supplier for repair

2. Accuracy failure. Including inaccuracy of a.x.y axis, poor measurement accuracy of two coordinates, large error of angle indication, large measurement error of different planes, etc. To deal with such failures, attention should be paid to correction and adjustment.

3. If you want to reduce the failure of the two-dimensional image instrument, you must pay attention to the usual maintenance of the instrument. The storage environment of the instrument is very important. It should be placed in a clean and dry room to avoid mildew on the surface of optical parts, rust on metal parts, and peeling of dust and debris. The surface of the parts should be kept clean, and should not be touched by hand, and should be cleaned frequently.

4. There is no image in the image area, it is gray

    It may be that the video capture card is not plugged in properly, shut down the computer and the instrument normally, unplug the power plug, then open the main box, remove the video capture card, and reinsert it, and then restart the computer after confirming that it is plugged in. If the slot is changed, the driver must be reinstalled.

     Or the driver of the video capture card is not installed, please reinstall the driver of the video card according to the method of installing the driver in the manual

      Or the parameter settings of the video capture card are not correct, click the menu Image—>Video Video Settings... or click the right mouse button in the image display area, and select Video and Video Settings... in the pop-up menu, and the image settings dialog box will pop up. Set the correct brightness, contrast and other parameters.

5. The projection screen is malfunctioning. When there is noise during rotation, the impurities (such as rust stains) on the end surface can be cleaned up, and the positioning bearing can be replaced with a new one. The friction force is large when rotating, the locking screw can be loosened, or the friction rotation can be changed. When the rotation is uneven, the dial seat, friction wheel, friction wheel shaft, etc. can be replaced. When the projection screen rotates without counting, you can tighten the angle friction mechanism, weld the signal line, connect the plug and so on.

6. Projection imaging failure. The imaging is blurred, the imaging has dark areas, the image has dark spots, the imaging contrast is dark, etc. It can clean the objective lens, projection screen, workbench glass, condenser, mirror, etc. Adjust or replace the filament. If the bulb power supply voltage is too low, install a general power regulator.


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