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Describe:Technical parameterRemarks: C-semi-automatic M-manual.Product advantagesA. High market retention and good economy. If yo

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Product Details

Technical parameter


Remarks: C-semi-automatic M-manual.

Product advantages

A. High market retention and good economy. If you need to improve efficiency and measure high accuracy, you can choose the Z-axis autofocus (semi-automatic) function;

B. The software is powerful and easy to learn and use, and can meet the measurement requirements of most customers for single or small batch tasks;

Scope of application

Products are widely used in mobile phones, electronics, hardware, machinery parts processing, clocks and other industries.

Upgrade expansion options

A. British RENISHAW contact probe;

B. Z axis auto focus;

Product recommendation

  • Bridge type au

  • 5-axis automat

  • Automatic imag

  • Automatic imag

  • Manual image m

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