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5-axis automatic image measuring instrumentreturn

Describe:Technical parameterRemarks: When an additional objective is selected, the magnification and working distance will change

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Product Details

Technical parameter


Remarks: When an additional objective is selected, the magnification and working distance will change as the magnification of the additional objective changes.

Product advantages

A. Built on the latest positive R&D platform of Mega, subverting the traditional structural design (with dual patents for structure and appearance);

B. With powerful full-angle lifting program-controlled light source, no dead-angle lighting;

C. Realize stable ultra-high-precision measurement in high-speed, silent, and stable mode, and meet the needs of cutting-edge customers at home and abroad;

Scope of application

Provide high-efficiency and complete measurement solutions for high-end customers, suitable for high-end manufacturing industries such as domestic military industry, aerospace, automobile engines, scientific research institutes, semiconductors, chips, and precision electronics.

Upgrade expansion options

A. British RENISHAW contact probe;

B. Japanese KEYENCE or OMRON laser probe;

C. Manual self-locking tempered glass pressing plate fixture;

D. The lens (light up) has the function of anti-collision and automatic return protection in any direction (invention patent);


Product recommendation

  • Bridge type au

  • Automatic imag

  • 5-axis automat

  • Manual image m

  • Automatic imag

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